Washington State LTC Program Webinar April 6

Mar 31

Are you interested in permanently opting out of a tax for the rest of your life?

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WA State is implementing a mandatory Long Term Care payroll tax and insurance program that will start January 1st.  A good summary is here: https://bit.ly/3u6aEaV  

Maddock & Associates is partnering with WA States leading Long Term Care broker LTC Associates to sponsor a webinar April 6th at 12pm.  During the webinar you will learn about the new tax, benefits, and important information about ways you may be able to opt out of the program.

To opt out of the program, those interested will need to take action no later than this July (exact date tbd).  This appears to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to opt out of a tax and benefit.  During the webinar, Gary Forman of LTC Associates will explain how the opt-out will work, who will want to take advantage of it, and how to apply. 

The new LTC program will provide a minimal long term care benefit that many people do not currently have.  However, we are finding that many who value good LTC coverage or who are high income earners will choose to either opt out of the State run program or purchase a policy to help supplement the State program.

Please make sure to click on the link below to register for the program:


If you can not attend the event live, a recording will be sent out following the event.

We look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

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