Washington Relaxing Some Construction Restrictions

Apr 27

We have good news relating to the construction industry.  Governor Inslee announced today that he was relaxing the restrictions on residential construction.  The Governor has listed the rules for restarting construction projects on his website at: https://medium.com/wagovernor/inslee-announces-plan-to-allow-construction-projects-previously-underway-to-be-completed-b0d7139455  This is great news for the construction industry.  We hope the Governor allows other industries that can return to work safely to do so ASAP.   Please also join us for our webinar series in which the attorneys of Maynard, Cooper & Gale will provide a timely discussion regarding employer responsibilities and best practices with regard to COVID-19, as well as updates on legislation and guidance from Congress and federal agencies, including CDC, OSHA, EEOC, DOL, IRS, and HHS.
Please note, we are moving the webinars to every other week.  So, the next webinar will be next Tuesday, May 5th at 8am Pacific Time. We have had very good feedback from all our clients who have attended these weekly webinars.  If you have not yet attended a webinar, I recommend you tune in:   Click on the Link Below to Register:  https://cc.readytalk.com/registration/#/?meeting=ifd2jdxw88f4&campaign=19eiim4xhym9

Due to the unprecedented demand, the COVID-19 crisis has placed upon telecom providers we are requesting that participants please try to listen to the webinar using their computer speakers rather than dialing in via phone line. For participants that must use phone audio, the dial-in information will be provided upon logging in to the webinar.  

A recording will be available the afternoon following the live webinar. 


David G Maddock, RHU

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