Return to Work & Benefits COVID-19 Webinar

May 21
Good morning,

This post includes the recording of our webinar yesterday morning that discusses return to work considerations and updated benefits guidance related to COVID.  This webinar has very important information about key enrollment deadline changes and great practical advice on how to deal with many HR and Employment issues that may come up when employees come back to work post the COVID stay at home order. 

Following is the link to the recording:  
The slides from the presentation are at this link.
Below are the time stamps for important topics in the webinar:  
0:03:42 Old New: FFCRA, CARES Act, PPP loans, benefits guidance, extensions and relief
0:10:12 New optional 125 Cafeteria Plan changes
0:13:47 Section 125 midyear health plan election changes
0:19:27 FSA & DCAP midyear election changes
0:21:18 Special midyear election change guidance
0:24:22 Special extended use of grace period funds through 2020
0:26:37 New Cafeteria Plan guidance: optional changes, amendments needed, FSA OTC medications 0:29:54 Increased maximum amount for health FSA carryover from $500 to $550
0:30:45 HDHP and telemedicine coverage retroactive to January 1, 2020
0:32:43 Individual Coverage HRA clarification
0:33:31 COBRA Model Notice update
0:35:25 COBRA outbreak period extension
0:37:36 Assessing return to work risks
0:41:36 Critical CDC & OSHA guidelines for employers
0:47:18 How to assess leave or accommodation requests in return to work
0:51:15 EEOC updates ADA guidance
0:57:16 ADA request for reasonable accommodation due to high risk medical conditions
1:02:00 DOL updates on FFCRA guidance  

The next webinar which will be Tuesday, June 2nd.  Please stay keep an eye out for an invite.      Important: Maddock & Associates is here to help you and any other companies who need help with employee benefits.  Feel free to forward these emails and webinar invites to your colleges and business associates.  We understand that many companies are having financial hardships due to the Stay at Home Order.  If you are running into a situation where you or anyone else you know are struggling to afford the medical insurance premium, please let us know so we can help you understand all the options available.     Stay well and please stay tuned for more updates.

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