Renton Medical Insurance

Maddock & Associates is pleased to offer Renton medical insurance plans to meet a variety of needs. As a trustworthy and well-known Washington State insurance broker, Maddock & Associates can help you access a range of top individual and group health insurance and dental plans like Premera, Regence, Group Health, Lifewise  and more.  We offer individual health insurance, individual dental insurance and group medical insurance programs.

Plans for individuals and small business

Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable about all facets of healthcare, and will help you pick the best healthcare plan for you, your family and your small business.

No Hidden Fees

Maddock & Associates does not add additional fees to individual medical insurance premiums. Our rates reflect the lowest rates that have been approved by the Washington State Insurance Commissioner. We are confident in our ability to provide Renton residents the lowest premiums possible when they purchase through our online healthcare marketplace, by phone or in person.

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Please call 1-800-875-4490  for more information on insurance plans available with Maddock & Associates or to request a quote for coverage rates in your area.

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