Important Changes coming to COBRA, FFCAR, ACA, DCAP, and Unemployment Insurance

Mar 11
I hope you are doing well. The $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill we have been following passed both the Senate and the House and was signed into law today.

This law has many employment and health insurance related provisions including:
  • Subsidy for COBRA premiums, funded through employer and carrier tax credits
  • Extension of employer tax credits for FFCRA employee leave voluntarily provided through Sept. 30, 2021
  • Expansion of employee earnings eligible for FFCRA tax credit
  • Inclusion of testing and immunization as reasons for FFCRA leave
  • $300 increase in weekly unemployment benefits
  • $300 weekly unemployment benefit for workers who normally wouldn’t qualify for unemployment, like the self-employed
  • Expansion of subsidy for ACA premiums
  • Increase in DCAP contribution limits

I have attached an article that includes more information.  We are eagerly waiting for additional guidance on many of these topics.  Especially critical will be DOL guidance related to the new COBRA notifications, timelines, and the process for COBRA premium reimbursement.   Please keep an eye out for more information.  We will be sending updates as we receive them.  Please make sure to schedule time to attend our monthly webinar with Maynard Cooper Tuesday, April 6th – where our attorneys will go through the employment related portions of this law in great detail.  We will be sending out the webinar invite early next week.

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