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WA Cares LTC Tax Delayed 18 Months 

Jan 31
Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill Thursday delaying the WA Cares payroll tax on employees in Washington for 18 months.  If you have started deducting the WA Cares payroll tax, you will want to stop and refund employees the tax taken out so far.
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A summary of the law that passed is available at:

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In addition to postponing the tax by 18 months, the new law allows certain disabled veterans, temporary non-immigrant workers, spouses of active duty military, and residents of border states who work in WA to opt-out of the tax.

The law that passed does not change anything about private insurance opt-out.  As the law stands now, those who purchased private LTC insurance prior to Nov 1, 2021 and have been approved for opt-out will be able to maintain their opt-out and no additional private insurance opt-out opportunities have been added.  

If you have purchased a private LTC plan to opt-out of the LTC tax, we recommend keeping private plan in place to maintain your opt-out status for the time being.  

We will continue to keep you informed on future developments.


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