August 4th COVID-19 Webinar Series Recording

Aug 11

COVID-19 Webinar

I hope you are doing well.  Below is a link to the recording of our webinar from August 4th.

A New Normal? Open Enrollment Considerations in 2020

Here is a breakdown of the discussion to listen to a specific section:

0:01:49 CDC COVID-19 guidance update

0:11:58 Open enrollment 2020

0:18:34 Plan changes due to COVID-19

0:25:07 Notices and disclosures

0:28:50 Cafeteria plans: Special midyear election change guidance

0:33:14 Cafeteria plans: Extended use of grace period funds

0:35:50 Cafeteria plan new guidance overview

0:37:51 ACA employee classifications overview

0:40:47 Full-time status determination methods overview

0:42:52 Employee classification & coverage determinations – measurement & stability periods

0:45:36 Furloughed employee treatment with the ACA employee classification

0:51:37 Newly hired full time employees and coverage determinations

0:56:10 ACA affordability & safe harbor methods

1:02:35 Return to work considerations – pregame for round 2

Attached are the power point slides for the August 4th webinar.  The HRCI and SHRM info is also attached. Our next webinar is Tuesday, September 8th at 8:00 am PST.  Please keep an eye out for an invitation.

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